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Cleaner Vacuum is an aural project of jrdr (AKA: I, me, myself).

Why 'Cleaner Vacuum'? Because, having conducted an extensive research, I concluded that the greatest names in the history of music industry are literally senseless (e.g. The Beatles, Milli Vanilli, Pink Floyd). Thus, I decided to adopt this semantic paradigm.

Until late 2023 I was releasing noise under the label 'Besbuenduf', which (label) is senseless as well, but perhaps less familiar to the ears of global audience than 'Cleaner Vacuum'.

My music is eclectic by design. However, among the genres I most frequently explore one can find analytic pop, regressive rock, and fool jazz.

CV is a DIY endeavour. It means that I compose, produce, and play all the instruments (or at least - tell them to play), handle cover art, etc. Occasionally I also pen some lyrics, but more often I ask my old mates (e.g. William Blake, James Joyce) to write something neat for me. I don't sing (you should appreciate it) - instead Ms L or Mr J do it for me. Kudos to them.

Against the recent trends, no artificial intelligence is employed in the creative process. Only genuine dumbness.


Click for details. You're welcome to appreciate my work through buying some of these.

Poetic Music Yields Semantic Plateau Tractatus Implicit Cover A Woman Of Many Facets Too False To Be True Minstrel Man